Sunday, April 19, 2009

You grow girl is coming- shut up.

This weekend Gayla Trail will be at terrain , shut up. No for real Sat. and Sun. she will be lecturing and doing a class, so sign up soon.
I know Hillary thinks I have a man crush on Spencer, but Gayla gardens in a Joy Division t-shirt and has a tomato vine tattoo. I want a tomato vine tattoo. So check out you grow girl get inspired and come out to Terrain, Drink some Lancaster Brewing Co. beer and hear the great band Mason Porter on Sun.
oh yeah I am lecturing as well.
Maybe I will sharpie a tomato vine on my arm for the weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My tomatoes are 3" tall and I am talking about them already

Always with the tomatoes!
I know I know, shut up already, but for real my tomato, the one I bred, not like that I used pollen. Tim's Black Ruffles, sorry it has such a shit name, but it was just a working name until I could come up with something to honor my Grandfather, but that did not get to happen. So Gary Isben has it at Tomatofest with pictures and he says it is one of his favorites. For me it's like writing a song for the clash. WOW.  Tim's Black Ruffles (I hate that name) is also on Laurel Garza site as one of her top desert island tomato plants. Maybe Black Death, or Darth tomatovader, I mean Tim's Black Ruffles it sounds like some weird pirate shirt.
Hopefully the Obama's won't mind the bad name, I sent them seeds for their garden on the west lawn. I even put in the intro letter the Jefferson quote, "The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to it's culture." I ended that Tim's Black Ruffles (shit name or not) was my service to country and culture. My friend Hillary told that sending things to the white house might just get me a 3 hour FBI interrogation, but chances are the Fed's will be coming around sometime anyway.