Saturday, December 19, 2009

I can read

No really I have time to read books, not just the New Times and Blogs, but real books.
The Jungle Effect by Daphne Miller M.D, this book started out like about 8 others I have read about the topic of food, but it is so well written and looks at such interesting cultures. Like the Tarahumara Indians of the the Copper Canyon. These native people of Mexico are so cool, as also in Born to Run by local runner Christopher McDougall. The book that lit a fire under my ass and got me running again. I did not read it by played it in the car, I am one of those people that does not count that as reading.
I also finished The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine, by Steven Rinella. I am also looking forward to his new book on American Bison. I told my Buddy Steve that I want to come out west and a Kill a bison with a spear on horse back. He said that sounds great and he can't wait to come to my funeral.
The last book I just finished was Fat of the Land by Langdon Cook. Just a awesome book about finding your own food in the woods. This was my favorite of the lot, A wonderful read about eating his way thru the coast of Oregon. I really have to do more fishing.