Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mourn A Copia

Mourn a Copia

        Leave and travel well.

I just read that Copia, The American Center for Wine, Food and Arts has locked its Napa Valley doors and filed for chapter 11, but it was too debt burdened ($80 Million dollars) and the courts turned them down. FIN.

Maybe they should have been the center for wine, food and SUV, then big brother could have helped them out.

I have only been to Copia in spirit, but I loved what they where doing, not the $80 million of over spending, but all the education and wonderful information that came out of there.

I know organic Arugula is expensive, but 80 million is a big hole, I mean don’t you get to 40 mil and say, ”Maybe this stupid.”

At least you made a tomato, and a great one at that. So this year maybe I will make the COPIA tomato my tomato of the year. Copia was breed by Jeff Dawson the first garden manager of the Copia Center. It is a cross between Green Zebra and Striped Marvel, both awesome by themselves. This is a medium large to large fruited tomato with a taste that is full of abundance, or as one would say in Latin, “Copia”.

So this year I will rant and rave and jump up and down tell everyone about you and who great you were and maybe someone will be inspired and pick up the torch you burned and fill our hearts once again with abundance. VIVA COPIA.