Sunday, May 31, 2009


660 tomatoes in one hour and 45 minutes. Jacob wanted use to plant six more, just to keep farming evil. Big thank you to Claire, Cintra, Lyla, Jacob, Tim, Holly, Rob, Meg, Raph, Kara And Amy.  What great friends to come out and help us get our tomatoes in the ground, Finally. After we planted we retired to our place for some of Walt's fried chicken (banging) and some local beers and some chimney swifts

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I touched the BOSS.

WOW what a week, Tomatoes have really opened up a big world for me. 
Or southeastern Pa is becoming the next LA. I mean Sarah Reese is our gossip girl right? 
But last week I saw Danny Bonaduce at our plant sale in Chestnut Hill. 
Just watch that clip, I mean was the entire country on drugs? maybe I missed something.
Then I run into to Carson Kressley from Queer Eye, no real tomato connection, but what the F@#$.
I was going to add a link but the intro to Queer almost made me vomit.

So I am at the 110th Devon Horse show, or some horse shit like that, and I start talking to this redhead named Patty about organic heirlooms and the farm she has in Dirty Jers, Then I tell her about my 172 varieties of heirloom tomatoes I am growing, she ask me for a card, and one for her husband. so I get out 2 cards, and she is like, "you have to meet my husband" 
Yeah fucking Bruce Spingsteen. No shit, I gave him a card and shook his hand and talked to him.
He looked just like he does in this video, white 80's shirt thing goin on, not so much with bee bopping, but who has time for bee bopping any more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big out to Gayla

Thank You so much Allison and all my new Friends for a great day of selling plants and hanging out in such a great garden. The Spring Gardens.
I love Philly and all of its great spaces for people to grow. I able to trade some pepper plants for some really cool beans, but my spanish is shit, so I do not know much about them. But I will let you know.

   Next, if you have not been to the Chestnut Hill Garden Fest. You are missing out, not just great green vendors like the cat, but the Organic Mechanic . No he does not work on cars, he works on your soil, and as things are going, investing in your soil will have better returns then the stock market. It was a cool day, but the beers keep Mark and I warm. p.s thanks Amy and David for helping out.

The last shout out goes to Gayla of You Grow Girl, for her glowing post. The Happy Cat was very HAPPY. We went on a tour of Winterthur, had some good food at Sovana and then had Mexican ice cream. Thank you everyone. 
Well back to the dirt.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thats so Techno Viking

Motown philly going on.
3 red heads  (big D, Colleen and Amy) at the Head House
Market which started last Sunday.  When people ask me where this 
market is, I just tell motown philly is back again.  Boys to Men

                                                        What else can I say. 
Transplant season is in full swing. 
Don't miss the Tomato
Revolution at the Kennett Square 
Farmers Market this Friday! We will
also be at the Chestnut Hill Garden Fair
this Sunday. We have over 70 varieties of
tomato, pepper and eggplant. Oh yeah there
is a beer tent too.