Thursday, June 25, 2009

so long Mr. Jackson

I am not sure I want to farm in a world without
Odd little fellow, but just watch the video and enjoy.
Man that is a great song.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mache pit

So my buddy was in from Colorado this week and besides all the drinking and fishing, I gave them a farm tour,  My friend said he reads my blog and wanted to know why the punk rock farmer.
So here is the story.
It all started on a summer day while on summer break, and shopping with my mom I bought a cassette tape for my brand new Miami vice inspired tape deck, it was teal green with gray and orange buttons, Very cool.
When we got home I took my new Suicidal Tendencies tape to my bedroom and pugged it into my player. The tape started playing and I was never so scared in my life, so I turned it right off. It was pure evil and I needed to take it to the basement.
So life goes on and skate boards and punk rock filled days, then in 88 Youth of Today released Your not in this alone. The band was really in  Vegetarianism and Hare Krishnaism. In the liner notes they had info about PETA and books by Peter Singer. I read Animal Liberation and became a Vegetarian, we all go thru weak points in our lives. 
Back then Health Food stores were the only places that you could find Veg. food. Then I started running into organic veg.  
I started my own garden and tried every thing I read Elliot Coleman and then started working for Tim Stark of Echerton Farm. ( I think I was a hippie then, but I never stopped playing the Misfits and Minor Threat. )
I still skate, I still play punk rock and I still farm, some just more than others.
Tomato Tim
p.s. I just could not bring myself to post a picture of my devil lock hair cut.