Monday, March 8, 2010

A long Time Coming!

Well if tomato fungus and snow where my 2 main crops this year I would be whipping a new Benz, but we did have a great year without tomatoes and with all the snow. Our potato crop and greens where killing it this season. But it is 58 degrees outside today and we have 20,000 veg transplants in the greenhouse getting ready to roll, so here is a nice tomato jam for the plants and all the hippies out there.
Our house in about 28" of new snow.
A plow truck here at Winterthur!
One of 2 lectures at this years Farming for the future conference at PASA this year. It was on saving seeds but I worked Yoda into it.
I will post the entire video of the lecture someday.
We also had a great article in the March Grid Magazine and our
farm grown seeds are selling like mad, more on that in the next post.